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Inside the remaking of Mitchell Marsh

Inside the remaking of Mitchell Marsh
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Particularly about switching on and off.


Setting up online business

Thinking time is important

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An interesting story of a DNA test that uncovered a family’s unknown history – and how many more like this will be uncovered?

Religious Studies sites

A bit of a starting point:


School Philosophy

Encyclopedia of Religion and Society –

Teaching High School Philosophy –

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy –


Korean War: inside US decision making 


The book looks intriguing, the article is long enough for students with great details and quotes on US strategy in Korea and towards China and USSR 


An interesting concept to follow the migration of humans, and this is an interesting look snapshot of life behind the Iron Curtain still into the 21st century

Reparations for colonialism

Interesting pov on impact of colonialism on the colonised countries vs European colonisers.

Types of history

Good overview

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