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Korean War: inside US decision making 


The book looks intriguing, the article is long enough for students with great details and quotes on US strategy in Korea and towards China and USSR 



An interesting concept to follow the migration of humans, and this is an interesting look snapshot of life behind the Iron Curtain still into the 21st century

Reparations for colonialism

Interesting pov on impact of colonialism on the colonised countries vs European colonisers.

Types of history

Good overview

Social Studies articles – not a huge range atm but maybe to be expanded


From Free Tech 4 Teachers

The latest batch of articles added to ReadWorks covers topics in social studies. The articles and lesson plans for K-5 primarily deal with topics in U.S. History and civics. Articles for grade six through twelve have a mix of U.S. and World History topics. Each article in the collection is accompanied by a set of reading comprehension questions. Those questions are a mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions that you can use for group discussion or individual reflection.

Big History Project

Something to look into…

How Europe conquered the world

From Foreign Affairs

Instability of power led to greater warfare to inceasing development of military technology paid for by much higher taxes than elsewhere (eg China was a stable empire with much lower taxes which was spent on infrastructure rather than military…

A few centuries of this led to better tech, bigger forces, a willingness to use this force and an expansionary outlook for resources

Life in the Middle Ages

A couple of self evident links

Medieval life in pictures

10 dangers of the Middle Ages

The disappearing Aral Sea

Interesting story and annual photo timeline of the near disappearance of what was once the world’s 4th biggest lake… And what happens when humans try to manipulate nature… 😦

of 1989 to 2003 images, with some info about the building of a dyke to save the northern part.

With links at the bottom to further reading.

How homes kept cool before air-con

A good range of factors in home building that we seem to have spurned in favour of cheap concrete boxes with expensive to run air conditioners….

And thanks to the wonders of Facebook’s ‘people also shared’ …

Having lived and worked in Brunei and Singapore – on the equator – the difference between Bruneian architecture with verandahs or shades over windows more in the old Malay kampong style, versus Singapore’s ‘modern’ designs which rely heavily on air con was striking. In a new school building (opened 2010) there were no windows to open – and so air conditioning had to run for 7-8 hours a day in 30+ classrooms, plus offices, even if it was comparatively cool outside. In my Bruneian school, air flow plus fans (generally) meant classrooms weren’t too bad. And you get used to it!

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