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‘Safe Harbour’

On a fishing holiday, some Aussies find a boat load of asylum seekers. Towing the boat, it disappears overnight. Then one of them gets into a cab five years later, and the driver recognises him…

Political lobbying in Australia

Good overview of lobbying in Aust (during 2013 election campaign)

An opposition that just says ‘No’ is cruel

Article from NYT about Obamacare and the Supreme Court decision, but a para near the end made me think of Australia’s asylum seeker debate this week too. It talks of the opposition’s strategy of killing any reform ‘never mind the human consequences’. The Libs in Australia give me the same impression – say no to anything until they win the next election…

Australian War Memorial

Excellent site for huge range of resources on Australia’s involvement in war and peacekeeping operations.

See the Wartime page for some journal articles. Easy to lose a couple of hours here!

(I think it also has the downloadable Official Histories of Australia’s wars)

Her Majesty’s secret

“Her Majesty’s secret”

Article outlining the influence exerted by the Queen in private before needing to act publicly.

Aussie Educator – Education in Australia

Aussie Educator – Education in Australia.

Vast range of general education stuff in Aust, updated (comments on NAPLAN 2012 for e.g.), teaching resources as well as teacher resources (careers, ‘teacher health’ etc)

Need to have a decent look at it when I’ve got time beyond marking exams and re-writing reports! (Right, off the internet, back to reports….)


Australians at War

Australians at War.

“Aussie Educator” – lots of links to ‘all’ wars Australia has fought in.

Imperial War Museum

Their Past Your Future – Learning Resources.

Range of history teaching resources from the IWM. Not bad (but I think the Aussie War Memorial is a better site)

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