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Aussie Educator – Education in Australia

Aussie Educator – Education in Australia.

Vast range of general education stuff in Aust, updated (comments on NAPLAN 2012 for e.g.), teaching resources as well as teacher resources (careers, ‘teacher health’ etc)

Need to have a decent look at it when I’ve got time beyond marking exams and re-writing reports! (Right, off the internet, back to reports….)


Australians at War

Australians at War.

“Aussie Educator” – lots of links to ‘all’ wars Australia has fought in.

Imperial War Museum

Their Past Your Future – Learning Resources.

Range of history teaching resources from the IWM. Not bad (but I think the Aussie War Memorial is a better site)

‘The Talk’ – a whitefella realises (again) how lucky he is

I get a daily newsletter of Eureka Street with a couple of articles each day. Often they open my eyes to a side of Australia I’m completely unaware of. This is one of those.

In only a few hundred words, it outlines “The Talk” that African-American and Aboriginal parents give their kids when they are old enough to go out in public. “Never leave a shop without a shopping bag”, “never get in a lift alone with a white woman”, “never put your hands in your pockets when talking to the police”.

The Civil Rights movement may have been in the 60s, but there’s still a long way to go.

PYP & MYP students do better

IB PYP & MYP students perform better on international tests. (Study commissioned by IBO…)


I do most of my webcrastination on my phone nowadays and find all sorts of interesting stuff, but have yet to work out an effective way of keeping track of it. My inbox is littered with interesting links that are long forgotten. So, here goes another experiment in keeping track of teaching resources for History, TOK, Commerce, all sorts of sport and politics, and whatever else looks good at the time.

US site, so predominantly American history. Range of info and teaching ideas.

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