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How homes kept cool before air-con

A good range of factors in home building that we seem to have spurned in favour of cheap concrete boxes with expensive to run air conditioners….

And thanks to the wonders of Facebook’s ‘people also shared’ …

Having lived and worked in Brunei and Singapore – on the equator – the difference between Bruneian architecture with verandahs or shades over windows more in the old Malay kampong style, versus Singapore’s ‘modern’ designs which rely heavily on air con was striking. In a new school building (opened 2010) there were no windows to open – and so air conditioning had to run for 7-8 hours a day in 30+ classrooms, plus offices, even if it was comparatively cool outside. In my Bruneian school, air flow plus fans (generally) meant classrooms weren’t too bad. And you get used to it!

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