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Korean War: inside US decision making 


The book looks intriguing, the article is long enough for students with great details and quotes on US strategy in Korea and towards China and USSR

Social Studies articles – not a huge range atm but maybe to be expanded


From Free Tech 4 Teachers

The latest batch of articles added to ReadWorks covers topics in social studies. The articles and lesson plans for K-5 primarily deal with topics in U.S. History and civics. Articles for grade six through twelve have a mix of U.S. and World History topics. Each article in the collection is accompanied by a set of reading comprehension questions. Those questions are a mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions that you can use for group discussion or individual reflection.

US gun culture stems from Civil War, not 1776

1930s Disney Dollars

How Walt Disney helped US through the Depression

JFK: a legend in his own time

The best thing about JFK was his willingness to learn from mistakes (Bay of Pigs) and what would he have done re Vietnam?

From HNN

America in class

Great site for history teachers, big range of USA related resources, including online seminars (some free, in a hurry so haven’t checked it out fully!)

Using a range of sources to establish ‘truth’

Exercise using sources about the ‘bonus army’ of wwi vets marching on Washington during the Depression and use of army troops (under MacArthur) to control and disperse ends in bloodshed.

From the Marchand Archive, UC Davis. Well worth a few good looks.

The progression of time isn’t always Progress

Article about chronological ethnocentrism (ie the view that society always improves over time) and examples from USA of forgetting actual and well known instances of things that happened yonks ago (eg Obama can’t be the ‘first gay President’ (Newsweek headline), not because he isn’t gay – but you don’t have to even examine his sexuality because the US had a gay Prez in 1857-61, James Buchanan).

The conclusion is that the US does it to paper over the 1890-1940 period, ‘the nadir of race relations’, and so it allows an uncritical forgetting of all that happened prior to Rosa Parks or Jackie Robinson (who wasn’t the first black man in major league baseball after all)

Context to 1968 200m protest

1968 200m protest of John Carlos & Tommie Smith – wider context than just ‘black protest’

Analysis of US gun deaths

Maps positive & negative correlations (Note: statistical links, not causation)

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