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How homes kept cool before air-con

A good range of factors in home building that we seem to have spurned in favour of cheap concrete boxes with expensive to run air conditioners….

And thanks to the wonders of Facebook’s ‘people also shared’ …

Having lived and worked in Brunei and Singapore – on the equator – the difference between Bruneian architecture with verandahs or shades over windows more in the old Malay kampong style, versus Singapore’s ‘modern’ designs which rely heavily on air con was striking. In a new school building (opened 2010) there were no windows to open – and so air conditioning had to run for 7-8 hours a day in 30+ classrooms, plus offices, even if it was comparatively cool outside. In my Bruneian school, air flow plus fans (generally) meant classrooms weren’t too bad. And you get used to it!

America in class

Great site for history teachers, big range of USA related resources, including online seminars (some free, in a hurry so haven’t checked it out fully!)

Nixon’s biggest crime was far worse than Watergate

Nixon’s actions to ensure no peace deal before the 1968 election and then ordered a burglary prior to watergate:

“There was a lot to anger Americans, including (1) interference with a U.S. presidential election (2) by a foreign government (3) that more than 30,000 Americans had died defending (4) and in whose defense hundreds of thousands of other American soldiers were then risking their lives. This interference (5) involved sabotaging peace talks aimed at producing a settlement that would allow those American soldiers to come home. Add to that the evidence that (6) this sabotage had the secret encouragement of the presidential candidate (7) who profited from it politically in an election he won by less than 1 percent of the vote. This was a scandal that could have changed history, had it the government not kept it secret.”


Lies of US History

I saw similar in Lies My History Teacher Told Me, but it’s nice to have a few of these sorts of thingĀ on the web for easy access. (There’s a little bit of naughty language if you don’t like ‘sh!t’)

I like the way he critiques the story, then asks if we should really believe that. Reminds me a little of when I just make random stuff up in class to see if the kids are actually listening – or just gullible!

Might even use this for TOK in the history section – easier than digging outĀ  Reynolds v Windschuttle stuff, and this has pictures!


Ah, what the hell, a bit of shameless self-promotion. This is the wikispaces site that I’ve been developing over the last year and a bit for my IB Diploma history class. It’s mostly links and stuff, one day I’ll sit down and actually put together some original content too, but for the moment, it’s just to keep the students vaguely on track…

US site, so predominantly American history. Range of info and teaching ideas.

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