The Dump: Stuff I found & thought worthy of saving

History & TOK teaching, running, golf, politics, junk


I do most of my webcrastination on my phone nowadays and find all sorts of interesting stuff, but have yet to work out an effective way of keeping track of it. My inbox is littered with interesting links that are long forgotten. So, here goes another experiment in keeping track of teaching resources for History, TOK, Commerce, all sorts of sport and politics, and whatever else looks good at the time.

I’m a teacher of History (mostly 20th century, to senior high school kids), Theory of Knowledge and a smattering of Commerce, Geography and “other duties as directed by the Principal”. I joke that “I started as a cricket historian first … when I was about seven”, and I used to be an ok player. I’m also a bit of a golfer and a runner (again, in both I appear good to those who aren’t but an 8 handicap and a 4:08 marathon are a long way off good!) Within the “spare time” afforded by all this, a wife and two kids (11 & 9 yo) I’ve just started a Masters degree in History.

I hope that explains the variety of posts!!

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