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UK National Archives

Online exhibitions at UK National Archives

How Europe conquered the world

From Foreign Affairs

Instability of power led to greater warfare to inceasing development of military technology paid for by much higher taxes than elsewhere (eg China was a stable empire with much lower taxes which was spent on infrastructure rather than military…

A few centuries of this led to better tech, bigger forces, a willingness to use this force and an expansionary outlook for resources

Difference between UK & Great Britain

UK is the country: “UK of GB and Northern Ireland”
GB is the island consisting of Scotland, England & Wales.

Seems to me the ‘Poms’ as a collective picks and chooses: rugby teams of Eng, Scot, Wales, British Lions. Who do Northern Irelanders represent? Is it GB or UK at the Olympics?

No wonder this poor Aussie’s confused!

(Oops, maybe my category should’ve read UK? So why’s it the British Empire? …..)

What is the UK Constitution?

Short, clear explanation.

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