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Gallipoli – a great deception

Gallipoli – a great deception

Suggestion that following UK-Russian agreement for Russia to get access to Mediterranean if invasion of Turkey was successful, the Allies meant for the Dardanelles campaign to fail….

3D CGI simulation of Anzac landing

3D CGI simulation of Anzac landing

Tremendous, annotated animated clips of the landing and first day, also information on the whole campaign. Downloadable, some lesson ideas etc.

WWI AIF Unit Diaries

WWI AIF Unit Diaries

Amazing, amazing resource. Scanned copies of most unit’s official diaries and appendices – orders, telegrams from GHQ, field maps, receipts of goods bought (Supply) etc etc. Could get lost in this and stumble out 15 years later!

Villers-Bretonneux, WWI Memorial

Villers-Bretonneux, WWI Memorial

Info about VB, also Aust Government’s site on Western Front, resources etc.

Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

Lots from the British Imperial War Museum

PBS WWI Treasure Trove

PBS WWI Treasure Trove

Lots of stuff about WWI from PBS – not all USA either 🙂

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